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USN DIET WHEY ULTRALEAN: Is a protein blend designed to support lean tissue mass. Each serving contains over 22g of protein and has a high fibre content to ensure satiety. For convenience, USN Diet Whey is easy to prepare.

USNs Diet Whey represents the latest and most advanced nutrition technology in the pursuit of the maintenance of lean muscle tissue. This delicious protein drink mix is a source of fibre and protein, the main source being whey protein. Diet Whey can be taken at any time of the day and contains ingredients that may support the growth and maintenance of lean muscle. The USN Lean System blend consists of Green Tea, Epigalloccatechin Gallate (EGCG), N-acetyl-l-carnitine, HCA (Hydroxycitric Acid), fibre and a high level of bio-available calcium. Diet Whey is available in delicious flavours and is quick and easy to prepare.

Protein contributes to the maintenance of lean muscle.
Calcium supports normal energy yielding metabolism and normal function of digestive enzymes. It is also needed for the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.
Chromium contributes to normal macronutrient metabolism and the maintenance of normal blood glucose levels.
Riboflavin assists with the protection of cells from oxidative stress, and the reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
Vitamin B6 supports normal protein and glycogen metabolism as well as the normal function of the immune system

Mix 1 scoop (32g) into 300ml cold water and shake well. Have 2-3 servings of Ultralean Diet Whey daily. Use at any stage throughout the day when a high-protein drink is required.

Per 100g / Per 32g Serving:
Energy: 1602kj / 380kcal / 513kJ / 122kcal
Protein: 70g / 22.4g
Carbohydrate 7.2g / 2.3g
Of Which Sugars: 3.8g / 1.2g
Fat: 6.4g / 2g
Of which saturates: 0g / 0g
Fibre: 6.6g / 2.1g
Sodium: 0.45g / 0.14g
Salt Equivalent: 1.13g / 0.35g

Per 100g / RDA // Per 32g Serving / RDA:
Thiamin: 0.3mg/ 27 // 0.1mg / 10
Riboflavin: 0.4mg / 29 // 0.1mg / 7
Niacin: 4.8mg / 30 // / 1.5mg / 10
Vitamin B6: 0.4mg / 29 // 0.1mg / 7
Vitamin B12: 0.8g / 32 // 0.3g /12
Pantotenic Acid: 1.8mg / 30 // 0.6mg /10
Potassium: 338mg/ 17 / 108mg / 5
Calcium: 558mg / 70 // 179mg / 22
Phosphorus: 424mg / 61 // 136mg / 19
Magnesium: 44mg /12 // 14mg / 4
Chromium: 70g / 175 // 22g / 55

USN LEANSYSTEM BLEND: 2112mg per 32g serving
Green Tea: 600mg / 192mg
N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine: 600mg / 192mg
Garcina Cambogia: 400mg / 128mg
Fructo-Oligosaccharides (FOS): 5000mg /1600mg

Probiotic Blend:
Lactobacillus casei: 1.7 x 10CFU / 0.5 x 10CFU
Lactobacillus rhamnosus); 1.7 x 10CFU / 0.5 x 10CFU
Bifidobacterium longum: 1.7 x 10CFU / 0.5 x 10CFU
Lactobacillus paracasei: 1.7 x 10CFU / 0.5 x 1088CFU
Lactobacillus reuteri: 1.7 x 10CFU / 0.5 x 10CFU
Bifidobacterium adolescentis: 1.7 x 10CFU / 0.5 x 10CFU

Amino Acid Profile (mg/100g)
Alanine: 2826
Arginine 1714
Aspartic Acid: 6403
Cystine/Cysteine: 1178
Glutamic Acid/L-Glutamine: 12986
Glycine: 1060
Histidine: 1092
Isoleucine: 3594
Leucine: 5970
Lysine: 5464 .
Methionine: 1216
Phenylalanine: 1977
Proline: 3260
Serine: 2764
Threonine: 3625
Tryptophane: 815
Tyrosine: 1666
Valine: 3390

Super Effective by (Confirmed Purchaser). 10 November 2015
5 Star Image 5/5 stars.
This product works really well. Will order again. Can definitely see difference thanks.

Super Effective by (Confirmed Purchaser). 10 November 2015
5 Star Image 5/5 stars.
This product works really well. Will order again. Can definitely see difference thanks.

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