The Protein Lab, Professional Nutrition

Grass Fed Statement

In Ireland our cows:
Consume a predominantly grass based diet throughout their lifetime. During the winter, when cows are housed to protect them from the inclement weather, they consume a silage (fermented grass) based diet supplemented with concentrates to meet their nutritional and welfare needs. In Ireland our cows consume up to 95% of their diet from grass.
The mild temperate climate:
Allows our farmers to make use of grass based farming which provides us with the perfect environment for sustainable dairy farming. A combination of adequate rainfall and long summer days provide a long growing season with cows grazed outdoors for up to 300 days each year.
Ireland has a traditional family farming structure:
This combined with a herd size of just over 100 cows and world class genetics along with an enviable reputation of stockmanship result in a high standard of animal welfare. We receive the highest quality milk form our farmer owners, who have been farming this way for generations.
Our supplier:
The Protein Lab Whey supplier is a member of the Red Tractor Assurance scheme, a scheme which unites food producers and food processors. Red Tractor is based on the key pillars of traceability, animal health and welfare, environmental protection and biosecurity. The scheme is audited by an independent certification body who carry out 18 month inspections resulting in a cycle of measurement, feedback and continuous improvement. We value our farmer members and work closely with them offering assistance and advice through our network of farm advisors who can assist with areas such as milk quality and nutrition.

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