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Tyler Loughead

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An insight into...Tyler

  • Height :

    5 feet 10 inches

  • Favourate body part :

    Is my chest, because I love training chest a lot!

  • Favourate meal :

    My favourite meal is Chicken, rice and asparagus because it's my favourite to eat and works well for me.

  • Most Important supplement :

    Whey Protein is the most important thing for me. I have a really intense lifestyle with the British Paratroopers being my second job (reserve) helps me recover ready for the next workout.

  • Why did I start training : Well we all start somewhere!

    People like Zyzz, Arnold, Jeff did inspired me to join the fitness scene.

  • My long term goal : In ten years time!

    My long term goals are to gain a following on all social media sites and start my own business.

  • Example workout : This is how I roll!

    • Monday: chest and back.
    • Tuesday: arms and shoulders.
    • Wednesday: legs Repeat.
    • Sunday is rest day.

  • Average day : My normal routine

    • Early morning: breakfast.
    • Mid morning: protein shake.
    • Before workout: preworkout | Postworkout: protein shake and banana.
    • Lunch: different all the time.
    • Before bed: chicken breast and protein shake.

  • Let's get social : Find me one :

    Instagram: @tylerloughhead




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