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Tanya Kaye

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An insight into...Tanya

  • Height :

    5 Feet 9 Inches

  • Favourate body part :

    My favourite body part has to be GLUTES. The bigger the better. This is because I feel that it is the most attractive part of a woman's body, I think it is more appealing as the curves that are associated with a good ass! cannot get more feminine.

  • Favourate meal :

    Seasoned shredded chicken, Thai rice, steamed broccoli and kale, steamed egg and a Thai sauce made with birds eye chillis, ginger, garlic and healthy boy yellow bean sauce. It is absolutely mouth watering delicious, packed with carbs, protein, iron, vitamins, minerals what is not to love.

  • Most Important supplement :

    BCAA's are my most important supplement. I have a fast metabolism and this helps me so much at maintains my muscle developments.

  • Why did I start training : Well we all start somewhere!

    A few years ago I wanted to lose weight, I went on the cambridge shake diet as a quick fix and soon found myself with a bad attitude towards food, underweight and altogether in a negative place. I didn't like what I saw and critised every part of my body. Something snapped one day and i joined the gym, picked up a barbell and followed a workout off of the internet.

    The rest is history from there, since then I have completely transformed myself, my whole outlook is completely different and the best bit is I LOVE FOOD once again. Bodybuilding was the best thing to happen to me I have never felt so good, it is so worth every bit of effort put into it. This is the best feeling and I want others to share it with me, if it can influence just 1 person to better themselves then I will be happy.

  • My long term goal : In ten years time!

    I hope to compete one day but right now i want to improve and feel confident to go further. I want to be a positive influence for people wanting the same goals as me. I know I can do it and I will.

  • Example workout : This is how I roll!

    • Glutes. Wide stance Barbell Squat 25kg 15 reps 3 sets.
    • Barbell lunge 20kg 15 reps 3 sets.
    • Deadlift 25kg 15 reps 3 sets.
    • Sumo deadlift 30kg 20 reps 3 sets.
    • Reverse barbell lunge 20kg 15 reps 3 sets.
    • Thigh abductor 30kg 15-20 reps 3 sets.
    • Flat bench leg raises 20 reps 3 sets.
    • Butt lift 20 reps 2 sets.
    • 20 minute exercise bike.
    • Stretches.

  • Average day : My normal routine

    I work shifts so it can vary but on a regular day it is;

    • Wake up 0630, take supplements ( BCAA's, Green Tea, Glucosamine, omega 3, Creatine).
    • breakfast 20 - 30 mins after waking. CLA taken after eating.
    • Gym time 10-11am (I walk there) and last for 1 1/2 to 2 hours (isotonic endurance consumed during) protein shake.
    • straight after taken with fat burner.
    • Small meal x2 eaten (2pm, 4pm) before stretches at 6pm.
    • meal at 7pm. Whey casein shake before bed

  • Let's get social : Find me one :

    Facebook: TGKaye

    Instagram - miss.t.kaye




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