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Stephanie Chou

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An insight into...Stephanie

  • Height :

    5 Feet 3 Inches

  • Favourate body part :

    My favourite body part is my shoulders/arms & because those are the ones that you automatically first look at & I get a lot of people asking how did I get muscly, so they obviously find it intriguing.

  • Favourate meal :

    My favourite meal is probably breakfast because it's the biggest & if you fill yourself with a good breakfast then you're off to a great start & it makes me feel good knowing then I'm ready to start to day. My breakfast usually consists of something with eggs. But I like to mix it up abit so I don't get bored.

  • Most Important supplement :

    My most important supplement is whey protein because it's crucial for all those vital gains. Plus it helps me increase my protein intake easily as well.

  • Why did I start training : Well we all start somewhere!

    I always wanted to work with animals, going to the gym was a hobby. I wanted to be a dog handler in the army but there was 2 year waiting list for that job, however I was interested in joining the army as a general thing. It took me 2 years to finally get in.

    I wanted to join was because I didn't want a 9 to 5 job but wanted a job that requires challenges everyday. My main career goal is to be a fitness instructor as I found out a few months later, I actually took the gym seriously and it became more than a hobby rather a passion. So my aim to be a PTI in the army so I'm working towards that currently.

  • My long term goal : In ten years time!

    My long term goal is to slowly start to get into the competing world as well as being a fitness instructor.

  • Example workout : This is how I roll!

    Seated shoulder press which targets the shoulders & currently my goal is to get to 20kg so far I'm on 17.5kg.

  • Average day : My normal routine

    Meal times start with breakfast which normally starts at 7:30, that consists of 1.5 litre of water before eating then either a 3 egg omelette with spinach & red onion as well as black coffee, then head to the gym doing arms/shoulders/back or legs/abs/cardio depending on the day but my training times usually end up being over an 1 hour to 2 hours.

  • Let's get social : Find me one :

    Twitter: @Stephyyyc_x




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