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Reece Wootton

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An insight into...Reece

  • Height :

    6 Feet

  • Favourate body part :

    My favourite body part is back or shoulders, for the reason that my delts have always been a strong point. I love to train back heavy with high volume, initially I would say my back was a weakness, however from focusing on it for the past year it has now become one of my strong body parts.

  • Favourate meal :

    My favourite meal, if we're talking the best of both worlds, would be a fillet steak, veggies and sweet potato fries. However as a student steak is very rarely on the menu.

  • Most Important supplement :

    As a student at Loughborough, money can sometimes be an issue. For me, this is why Protein Lab whey protein is my most important supplement, it saves me having to spend all of my student loan on high quantities of lean meats that don't come cheap.

  • Why did I start training : Well we all start somewhere!

    I study Sport Science with Management at Loughborough University, I'm currently in my first year. I used to play tennis between the ages of 8-15/16. I've always been interested in sport. However since the age of 16 I've been interested in regularly working out. And as a turned 17 is when I began to focus more seriously on improving my physique. A lot of my motivation comes from training video's, and living somewhere like Loughborough, sport is surrounding me, pushing me forwards towards my personal goals.

  • My long term goal : In ten years time!

    I'm currently 18, soon to be 19. From training at Loughborough University gym, I'm lucky that I have one of the biggest gym's in the UK right on my doorstep. I take inspiration from athletes such as Steve Cook, where I would like to one day compete. I am currently more focused on my physique, and rather than competition and want to channel my energy into training video's and becoming a public aesthetic figure.

  • Example workout : This is how I roll!

    Back, calves and abs.

    • Deadlifts 4x6.
    • 140kg T-bar tow 4x8 with drop set.
    • 100kg dropped to 50kg for dropset to failure.
    • 1 Bent over barbell row 4x8- 90kg.
    • Cable machine cross overs for back. 4x8 7.5kg each side.
    • Seated calf raisers 4x20.
    • 105kg Standing calf raisers 4x20.
    • 80kg Laying calf raisers 4x30.
    • 85kg Weighted ab sit machine 4x8.
    • 70kg Wood chopper 4x8.
    • 27.5kg Side sit ups 4x10.
    • Alternate lower ab raise 4x10.
    • Arms tucked in sit up 4x10.
    • Usually last between 1.5hr and 2hrs.

  • Average day : My normal routine

    • Meal 1- instant oats 60-80g with one scoop impact whey protein.
    • Meal 2- 4 egg whites and 2 whole eggs. Two slices brown bread.
    • Meal 3- (post-workout) protein shake (1 scoop).
    • Meal 4- Chicken breast, complex carbs (brown rise) 80-90g, and veggies.
    • Snacks throughout the day include protein bars, nature valley bars, one more protein shake, nuts such as almonds.
    • I take 5x1000mg creatine tablets and take a multivitamin.
    • I take fish oil tablets.
    • I take green tea extract tablets.
    • I used to take L-glutamine.
    • I will usually train between midday and 2pm.

  • Let's get social : Find me one :

    Twitter: @reecewootton1


    Instergram: _reecewootton

    Linkedin: Reece Wootton

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