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Agy Gorzynska

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An insight into...Agy

  • Height :

    5 Feet 3 Inches

  • Favourate body part :

    My favourite body parts are arms (biceps,triceps,forearms) due to specific armwrestling training.

  • Favourate meal :

    I love own make chicken pasta with peppers, onions and lazy chilli. This meal is great sources of carbs and protein (good pre or post-workout meal).

  • Most Important supplement :

    On daily basis I use whey protein powder for increase strength, recovery and weight management.

  • Why did I start training : Well we all start somewhere!

    I used to bodybuilding years ago and because upper body is my favourite one I decided try armwrestling and now i'm multiply Professional British Champion and 2014 World Bronze Medalist.

  • My long term goal : In ten years time!

    Competing for armwrestling team GB Im focus to prepare form for upcoming Europeans and World Championships. Also for next year enter Arnold Classic Armwrestling Challenge and other international competitions.

  • Example workout : This is how I roll!

    • ARMS - EZ-barbell biceps curls using Fat Gripz.
    • 4-5x15-10, dumbbell hammer grip curls 4-5x 12-8.
    • triceps forearm extensions 4x12-8.
    • dumbbell wrist curl.
    • undergrip 4-5x15-8.
    • plate pinch 4x 30 secs.

  • Average day : My normal routine

    • 8.00-breakfast.
    • 11.00 snack ( protein shake).
    • 14.00 lunch.
    • 16.30 snack.
    • 17.30 pre- workout drink.
    • 18.00 -20.00 Training.
    • 20.30 post workout protein and Bcaa's drink or tablets.
    • 21.00 light evening meal.

  • Let's get social : Find me one :

    Twitter: @AgyGorzynska

    Facebook: Agy Gorzynska/244

    You Tube: Agy Gorzynska/

    Instergram: Agy 1972

    Google+: Agy Gorzynska

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