Top 5 Foods For Summer!

Top 5 Foods For Summer!

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Summer’s In Full Swing

We all want to be in shape for Summer but it doesn’t have to be as painful and difficult as the papers say.
This blog is going to show 5 of the top foods that are best suited to the most common Summer regime: Weight loss
We all know that exercise is an extremely important part of a weight loss programme. However, if it is not matched with the correct foods and supplements then it will not reap the optimum results.


Weight Loss

5.  Black Beans

      Black beans are a great source of Protein.  

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Black Beans

Two cups of these delicious black pearls contains  over 30g of protein and less saturated fat than most red meat.

4. Brown Rice 

     Brown rice contains ‘resistant starch’. This is like a carbohydrate, giving you all of the same energy but at the same time it is  a metabolism booster and a fat burner.

    Unlike most food brown rice, although very filling and heavy, is also very low in calories. This makes it the ideal food for someone with a big appetite and a wish to lose    weight!

3. Bananas

 It seems obvious that bananas would be a good food for you to be consuming as you start your first steps to Summer BUT  it is also ideal for a weight loss diet.

Like the Brown Rice, Bananas are high in vitamins and resistant starch, helping your metabolism increase with each bite.

A standard banana can contain nearly 14g of resistant starch!

2. Kale

     It’s GREEN but don’t be put off! Kale contains Vitamin A, B6, C and K.

     Then there are the calories: Only 33 Calories!

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If this isn’t a Superfood for your diet then I don’t know what is!


1. Porridge

    The marmite of the cereal world is without a doubt one of the best foods in the world for a summer diet.

Whether you want it with skimmed milk or water, porridge is a low calorie food that provides lots of energy for a full day of work or exercise.

It is also excellent at lowering cholesterol.

The last reason that porridge is so great as a food source for people who want a simple but healthy diet is because it can be a part of many varying
meals.  It can be topped with anything that you wish!


Thanks for reading, we hope you have a great Summer! #BigGains

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