Supplements in Armwrestling

Supplements in Armwrestling

In strength sport such as arm wrestling, diet and supplementation are basics.

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Health can be affected if testosterone levels are too high or too low

Here's a list of supplements used in armwrestling and I can divide them into few groups:
Group 1- supplements that increase muscle power,
Group 2- supplements that increase energy,
Group 3- supplements that increase regeneration,
Group 4- supplements that support joints and tendons

As a professional arm wrestler and international competitor I would recommend a wide range of The Protein Lab's..
Protein Powder,
Pre-workout powders,
Multi-Vitamin Complexes.

Testosterone Booster is an essential substance to increase strength, stamina, concentration and help with recovery.
Choice of supplements is absolutely individual and depends how our body react with progress or performance, our likes and tastes, goals and training regimes.

Agy Gorzynska