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Introducing our Rip “N” Mix Stand!

Why Choose Rip “n” Mix? The Protein Lab’s Rip ‘N’ Mix range has been specially developed with an essential range of quality UK supplements, to help your customers get the most from their training regime’s, and save them money, we package our products in unique Freshness Sealed Handy Packs. The Protein Lab’s Rip ‘N’ Mix stand is a...

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Do You Plan To Succeed And Succeed From Your Plan?

Imagine being in a big city with massive buildings. You have never been there and you have to get to one specific location. The only problem is that you have a map for the wrong city or no map at all. How would you find the location? You can ask...


Review Our Products..! – WIN A £10 VOUCHER

“JUST LAUNCHED” we have a new section added to our website which we would love all our clients to take advantage of. You now have the opportunity to rate and review all our products. Simply click to view any product you like … Hit the review tab below the image...



The rich soil located at these high plateaus of Peru where it is very cold and oxygen poor may account for the high levels of trace minerals found in maca root. Some Peruvian Indians of today still grow it in the same traditional way without pesticides or chemicals. The healing...