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Well done AGY!!

Big up and massive congratulations to our friend and ambassador Agy Gorzynska for coming 1st in this years World Arm wrestling Championship over in Bulgaria, lots of hard work and effort have pulledoff one again!!#biggains For more information have a look at the following website, click here


Choosing the right Whey Protein

There are so many different varieties of whey protein on the market, picking the right one can be quite confusing. All of the standard whey protein products usually fall under one of three categories. This article is aimed at explaining the uses for each category along with what they do...

How Much Should I Exercise?

How Much Should I Exercise?

It depends on whether you want to lose weight, increase endurance, or reach other fitness milestones. Learn about exercise guidelines and the importance of determining your exercise goals.Before you make a decision on how much exercise you need, you should have a good idea of your exercise goal or goals:...

100% Gold Standard Whey

All The Necessary Nutrients to Promote Muscle Growth

100% Gold Standard Whey: Is a premier whey protein blend. Each serving contains over 24g of protein and a variety of amino acids. Optimum Nutrition recommend consuming 100% Gold Standard Whey in the morning and before and after your workout. 100% Gold Standard Whey: Is the worlds best-selling whey protein....

Top 5 foods for winter

Winter has finally started coming into force with the cold air and putting the clocks back. In winter it seems like its easier to stop eating healthy and just indulge in the sugary treats the season has to offer like mince pies. But with this short list possible to eat...


The new Bad Boy and Bad Girl fitness range available at The Protein Lab!

Attention to all fitness fanatics and workout wonders! The summer months are slipping away and the holiday season is coming to an end but you want to still exercise, look good and keep energy levels high, right? Lets set the scene; the winter months are rolling in, you finish work,...

The only time Success comes before Work is in the dictionary

Help Your Body Recover

Muscle Injury   Don’t be embarrassed by injury. Injuries and muscle strain are common occurrences for athletes. Up to 50% of all sports injuries are muscular. Recovery can take up to 3 or 4 months dependant on the intensity of the muscle injury. To reduce the scarring of the tissue...

The Protein Lab Stay Fut

Top 5 Foods For Summer!

Summer’s In Full Swing We all want to be in shape for Summer but it doesn’t have to be as painful and difficult as the papers say. This blog is going to show 5 of the top foods that are best suited to the most common Summer regime: Weight loss...

Protein helps you to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle

Protein – How Important Is It?

  40% of your body’s dry matter is Protein. This makes protein the second most essential nutrient to your body, only to be topped by water. Proteins are essential macromolecules for the body. They are one of the building blocks of all tissues and have critical roles in cells. Proteins can...

Health can be affected if testosterone levels are too high or too low

Supplements in Armwrestling

In strength sport such as arm wrestling, diet and supplementation are basics. Here’s a list of supplements used in armwrestling and I can divide them into few groups: Group 1- supplements that increase muscle power, Group 2- supplements that increase energy, Group 3- supplements that increase regeneration, Group 4- supplements...